From following the Seafood Trail on the West Coast to seeking out hidden gems in the Lowlands, to Steve Roach’s Grand Tour of Scotland, read about our vans exploits here!

BBC 1 – Life and Death on the A9

Oscar featured in this documentary revealing a surprising view of the notorious A9, which runs between Falkirk and the far north via Perth and Inverness. Watch this space for a link…….


“A Classic Camper Holiday allows holiday makers to go where they like, when they like, and wake up to a different view every morning.”

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Camper & Bus

A four page article featuring our very own campervan Sally! Steve Roach takes you on a tour of Scotland (April 2012), punctuated by areas of architectural interest.

Camper & Bus magazine, page 58, May 2013 edition.

The Scotsman

‘”Just imagine your luggage is a bread bin. That’ll keep you right.” It’s not, I grant you, the piece of advice that I expected when I asked a friend who’d once owned a VW campervan for her top tips before setting out on my inaugural campervan trip, but it turned out to be pretty useful……’

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Steve Roach, author

Look out for Steve’s new travel book: ‘Mountains, Lochs and Lonely Spots’ – a Tour through Scotland in a VW Campervan. Telling of his experience travelling round Scotland with Sally.

Check it out here!

BBC Countryfile

“Aside from the money you save on accommodation, and the smile-inducing joy of driving one, hiring a camper lets you breakfast with a view.”

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The Herald

“We had covered about 200 miles, an experience that demolished completely my suspicion that VW campervans are solely for fashion victims. If you want to spend some time in life’s slow lane, there’s no better way of doing it than this.”

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The Scotsman

“We settled in a campsite at Glen Coe for the night, fired up the stove and watched the sun set over Loch Leven.”

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Southern Reporter

“What could be better than escaping to the beach for the weekend with a classic VW van – it’s what memories are made of.”

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Press and Journal

“I didn’t want to hand back the keys. Looking back at our weekend, driving Miss Daisy had been an utter joy.”

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