Don't just believe us when we say you'll have a great holiday in one of our VW campers - read what our renters have to say about their experiences with Classic Camper Holidays! Thankyou everyone for your very positive and encouraging feedback it makes all the difference when trying to do our best for our customers. On our 6th year now and we are dedicated to continuing to do our best for our customers.....see you soon!



"Chilly time of the year but very cosy in our campervan with the heater and the kettle on! Very well equipped." October 2016

"Great to hire from a company so dedicated to detail...very helpful with our pick-up outside of the usual times which made our life so much easier. Thanks!" October 2016

"Service was second to none from start to finish. Had so many laughs on this holiday, can't recommend enough!" September 2016

"Daisy was so much fun, thanks for having us!" September 2016

"Can't wait until our next trip! Fun times and very well equipped van" September 2016

"Lots of fun, loved our visit to Scotland in Oliver, thanks for everything!" August 2016

"A great adventure for the whole family, lots of walks and fresh air and cups of tea! We even played board games together! great to get back to basics." August 2016

"Thanks for the support from the booking process right up until the end of our hire. Exxcellent compny would use again." August 2016

"Friendly service and a great van." July 2016

"We had a lovely time tootling aroung in Daisy, what a lot of waves we got! Brilliantly equipped, even down to the smallest detail." July 2016

"Brilliant van, amazing time had by the whole family! The awning gave us the extra space we needed, especially when the rain came on and we were van-bound!" July 2016

"Great experience what a way to visit your beautiful country! We tried not to miss anything on our 2 week trip, but will definitely come back for another visit!" June 2016

"EXCELLENT hire company, we would never use anyone else now that we have found Classic Camper Holidays!" June 2016

"We want our own Oliver! Eye-catching van, we got lots of stares and waves! Great company, thanks for everything" June 2016

"Helpful and informative service. Great van. Even the weather was good for us!" June 2016

"It is remarkable how spacious the van feels when you swivel Oscars passenger seat! We loved our holiday even in the rain!" May 2016

"This was a fabulous Christmas gift from our daughter....Oscar was a pleasure to drive, we always felt safe on the road and he also looked really smart!" May 2016

"We had a great holiday to remember, can't wait for our next trip we're planning it already!" April 2016

"Great van, attention to detail with the equipment makes all the difference. Hope to be back soon!" April 2016

"Brilliant van and brilliant company, what more can we say?" April 2016

"Thanks Ian & Becca for your attention to detail! We had an amazing time and will be back!" March 2016


"Great company and loved that we could bring our beloved dog! Lots of fun had by all" October 2015

"Cozy evenings in the van with a glass of wine and fun days full of fresh air! Scotland is amazing, and what a way to explore it!" October 2015

"Daisy was the perfect van for us, everything went smoothly from start to finish. All the little details still there, perfect for the vintage enthusiast who wants a new van to drive!" September 2015

"Great van with loads of equipment to make our holiday easy" September 2015

"Happy kids, happy family! Lots of outdoor fun and the van was cosy in the evening when it was time for bed!" September 2015

"Daisy is a great wee van, we will be back!" September 2015

"Stress free holiday thanks to Ian & Becca's attention to detail. We loved it, kids loved it, even the dog loved it!" August 2015

"We recommend Classic Camper Holidays and their vans for a brilliant holiday woith kids! No screens needed! Will definetely be back!" August 2015

"Can't beat the open road and especially being able to stop where you like and stick the kettle on! Thanks Classic Campers for a great experience" August 2015

"Amazing holiday will definetely do it again!" August 2015

"Website is very informative. Booking process very easy to follow. A great time was had by all." July 2015

"Friendly service, excellently equipped, great van, what more can you ask for?" July 2015

"Great campervan, experience of a lifetime, what a way to explore Scotland!" June 2015

"Just had the trip of a lifetime with Oscar. Everything went smoothly from start to finish thanks to Ian & Becca's professional and friendly approach. We will definetely be back!" May 2015

"Amazing campervan. Very professional company. Thanks for everything" May 2015

"Thanks Classic Campers we had a great time with Daisy! She certainly is a dream! Every need was catered for on this wonderful trip of a lifetime" May 2015

"Oscar is an amazing campervan! Drives great and plenty of room for us and the kids, but still small enought to get around easily." April 2015

"I would just like to say THANK YOU for letting us hire Sally! We had the most wonderful experience and have all come away with memories that will last a life time. Thank you for everything, we had a magical time and we'll be sure to recommend you to everyone!" April 2015


"We loved having the freedon to stop and put the kettle on, and sleep whenever we wanted! We saw some wonderful sights and had cosy nights with Daisy. We loved everything about our experience." September 2014

"Our experience was very comfortable and the van was easy to park" August 2014

"Oscar is an excellent van, and well equipped" August 2014

"We loved having the freedom to visit and move on at our own pace!" July 2014

"The booking process and handover were perfect and the van was in great mechanical condition" July 2014

"Our holiday with Classic Camper Holidays has opened up a whole new experience for us which we hope to repeat again and again! Service is second to none." July 2014

"We enjoyed the whole campervan experience, lots of smiling faces, lots of cameras ready for Heidi"  July 2014"We loved the nostalgia and the proper driving! The van certainly attracts attention!"  July 2014

"Everyone waves at you on the road, we felt like we had joined a jolly club!"  July 2014

"We loved Daisy! She was perfect for our family :) " June 2014

"We loved Oscar and the freedom and ease of having everything you need  within the van - without getting wet in a tent!" June 2014

"Thanks again for your great service – we had such a great time with Daisy! We hope to go on holiday with Daisy again sometime, she made our festival experience perfect!" June 2014

"Mr.T is a great van and very easy to use, it's obvious a lot of thought has gone into equipping him. Storage space is excellent and we loved the co-ordinated look!" May 2014

"We had an amazing time with Oscar, he was perfect for the trip. He was so well kitted out there was nothing we were missing, if anything we took to much with us! We will definitely be recommending you to our friends as I'm sure a few would love to go away with one of your campervans for a week" May 2014

"We both thoroughly enjoyed our weekend break in Heidi. It's something that we've always wanted to do and it was great to be able to hire your old original campervan. Heidi had everything we needed inside and the extra space with the pop up roof was great. It's definitely something that we would love to do again so we'll have to drop hints to our kids if they're short of ideas for birthday/christmas gifts! Thanks for your efficient service and helpful emails too. All in all we've had a great wee holiday - thank you. Thank you again and we hope to see you both and Oscar again someday!" May 2014

"We had a lovely experience with Daisy, thankyou to Ian & Becca for making our holiday experience so special!" April 2014

"I was welcomed with a friendly service, equipment was excellent and Oscars space heaters are very good" January 2014


"Nice and cosy with Daisy's heating during this cooler time of year. Lovely relaxed holiday, enjoying a slower pace." October 2013

"Very friendly, easy pick-up and drop-off service" October 2013

"Equipment provided was excellent, discount for 'Camping & Caravanning' sites and flexible return much appreciated" September 2013

"Very friendly service" September 2013

"We loved Bluebell and the whole experience of driving about and camping out in her!" September 2013

"Heidi was brilliant, thankyou! She was in very good condition with lovely homely supplies provided." August 2013

"We very much appreciated the careful and thoughtful equipping, maintenance and explaination of Heidi" July 2013

"It was very easy to book online using the booking system on Classic Camper Holidays website. The quality & standard of the van was excellent" July 2013

"We loved our holiday and got very good support from Classic Camper Holidays when needed, Ian & Becca are very approachable" July 2013

"Sally is a very well looked after van, booking and support was excellent." July 2013

"We loved Heidi and the kitchen equipment was great down the the smallest items! What a lovely, friendly family to rent from, we would definitely rent from Ian & Becca again! June 2013

"We had the most amazing honeymoon and the best ever holiday. We loved Bluebell and all the extra we touches, it made our holiday very specail and we can't thank Ian & Becca enough! Service & facilities were absolutely outstanding! Thanks again." June 2013

"We had a very quick response to our inquiries. The van had very good equipment exceeding expectations, and everything was in excellent working order" May 2013

"This was a gift from my daughter, we loved the chance to use a classic campervan" May 2013

"There was a small mechanical problem which the AA rectified quickly and efficiently. We had great fun and would recommend Classic Camper Holidays to friends and family" May 2013

"We loved the freedom and novelty of being able to travel around without having to think about where we were going to sleep for thr night. We enjoyed the cosiness of living in close proximity to each other!" May 2013

"It was so enjoyable to drive an authentic, reliable old camper. It makes you appreciate a slower pace of touring, allowing you to see more along the way" May 2013

"We would like to express our thanks to Ian and Becca at Classic Campers, having just spent 5 days in Daisy to fulfil a T2 dream. From start to finish the experience was fantastic from the information on the website, ease of booking and excellent communication. We arrived to a very warm welcome and detailed talk through the van including the little extras you wouldn't think about needing. Daisy is an fantastic van if a little quirky ( it's a T2 after all) the modern 1.4 engine is great and dealt with the highlands hills perfectly. Wanting the full experience we did both wild camping and campsite, there was nothing like waking up in a remote glen making coffee and bacon butties, taking in the view and tranquility after having a good nights sleep in comfort and warmth, then simply just driving away. Daisy gets looks and attention everywhere and was certainly a great tool for meeting people. In all we loved Daisy and would not hesitate to book again. For me it was a bucket list tick, but after 5 days in Daisy it was more than a tick, it was a V Dub dream that I'll never forget. We highly recommend Classic Camper Holidays for their first class service and first class vans. Daisy is campervantastic!!! Helen, Dave and Aaron." received via e-mail, May 2013

"Ian & Becca were lovely and very patient with our endless phone calls and questions! Heidi was great fun to drive." May 2013

"E-mail contact was great. Bluebell is in excellent condition and never caused a problem during our trip." April 2013

"Service was excellent! Heidi gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy a retro van to recapture the feel of bygone times." May 2013

"We loved the feeling of freedom when travelling through this beautiful landscape. And to sit in a T2 VW bus is a lovely reminder of the past." May 2013

"We loved the personal service Ian & Becca provided. At one point on our holiday we had to call the AA who's level of expertise was excellent. They worked very quickly to solve the problem, just enough time for us to have a cuppa and enjoy the view before we were on our way once again!" April 2013

"Ian & Becca were friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgable." April 2013

"Great fun with kids" April 2013

"We loved being able to wild camp and choose where we wanted to explore and stay" April 2013

"We would definitely rent from Classic Camper Holidays again. We loved Oscar, the very personal and friendly service, and all the small details that have been thought about - first class service!" February 2013


"Sally ran very well and was totally reliable and economical. The whole experience was fabulous, thankyou!" September 2012

"We found our Classic Camper experience surprisingly relaxing. The van was easy to use and set up. Very friendly team." September 2012

"Ian and Becca were very helpful at returning my calls, and throughout the booking process." September 2012

"Sally is a real character and despite her age is just a dream to drive. I would class it as 'real' driving." September 2012

"The service was very good. We particularly enjoyed being able to visit the locations we chose relatively cheaply. I've always fancied a holiday in a classic camper and this holiday with Daisy was a great opportunity to fulfil this." September 2012

"Sally was in good condition and a pleasure to drive - not worried about breakdowns." September 2012

"The experience of having a van like Heidi was worth it - we have always wanted one and she is a beauty!" September 2012

"We loved having the opportunity to stop and sleep anywhere - FREEDOM!" (Scotland only) September 2012

"Loved the small family business experience. Heidi was a joy to vacation with!" September 2012

"The Andersons were really flexible and accommodating when dealing with international customers. Very organised adminisatration prior to pick-up." August 2012

"We loved Daisy and the whole experience. Particularly the freedom of stopping overnight in remote places" August 2012

"Heidi is superb, a real babe! We have already recommended Classic Camper Holidays to friends and would definitely rent from them again" August 2012

"Our van was very well equipped, catering exactly for our needs" August 2012

"Efficient service and website" July 2012

"Everything was well set up. It was easy to book and well thought through. Our van was beautifully clean and well kept, and we had everything we needed. We would definitely recommend Classic Camper Holidays to our friends and family" July 2012

"Friendly waves from everyone! So many people admired and wanted to talk to us about Daisy" June 2012

"It was an amazing adventure! Fabulous to go wherever you want. It was funny being the centre of attention!" June 2012

"We were hugely impressed with the quality of Bluebell's interior and the reliability of her engine and mechanics" June 2012

"A hassle free experience! I fulfilled my lifelong dream to tour in a VW Van" May 2012

"We were equipped with absolutely everything we needed, so the experience was stress-free!" May 2012

" Excellent service and communication, and level of information when collecting Daisy" May 2012

"Ian & Becca were really helpful throughout the booking process and at handover. One breakdown but the AA were brilliant and sorted the problem out quickly" May 2012

"Sally provided us with a completely unique experience for the whole family" April 2012

"Ian & Becca were friendly, welcoming and professional leading up to our holiday and on collection of Bluebell" April 2012


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